Digital Television Network

The Hong Kong Government launched the Digital Terrestrial Television DMB-T in 2007 for improvement of reception, HD quality of sound and pictures, and the efficiency of the wave bands. The DTT provides high definition picture quality, interactive functions and data transmission service. The present analog television broadcasting shall be terminated by 2015.

Digital switchover is the process where the terrestrial TV broadcasters launch DTT services and viewers equip themselves at their own costs with the necessary devices (e.g., set-top boxes or integrated TV sets) to receive DTT. Ultimately, DTT will replace analogue TV broadcasting. The community as a whole is set to derive enormous benefits from digital switchover:

  1. It will solve reception problems (e.g., snowing or ghosting);
  2. Wide screen display 16:9;
  3. High definition display of television programme;
  4. High definition stereo and / surround sound;
  5. Multi-channel TV programme;
  6. Provide assistance to disableds;
  7. On-screen TV Programme guide;
  8. Allow different viewing angle for some programmes;
  9. Interactive TV for viewers to participate, such as games, shopping, etc;
  10. Data service such as financials, weather and traffic conditions.
  11. Cybersys has developed digital television systems to combine various channels of TV signals, including surveillance CCTV into standard digital signals for display on domestic digital television sets. This high definition digital TV system provides cost effective and speedy solution for hotels, hostels, schools, residential buildings, and hospitals.

    The following is a flowchart of the system: