Digital Signage

Cybersys has been deploying a comprehensive solution for Hotels and Resorts in Hong Kong for months. The system is completely scalable and adaptable to split screens, crawling messages, insertion of video content, insertion of meta-data and flexible scheduling. It is accessible via an Internet browser both from the office and remotely. The Signage functioning as:

  1. A Digital Bulletin boards - in lobbies, banquet rooms and hallways which conveys instant and multimedia information to hotel guests. It enhances work efficiency, and also establishes a modern and high-quality hotel image.
  2. Flight information display – guests no longer have to guess whether or not their flights will depart on time. A quick glance at the Fly Board high-resolution screen tells them whether they can linger a little longer, or if it really is time to go. The system adds guest services that drive repeat business because they have real value for travelers.
  3. Advocacy and Promotion – Information on tourist attractions, cruise ship, 24 countries weathers forecasting and time zones display, airport shuttle schedules, as well as promoting the property's restaurants and amenities
  4. Rate Table– Due to the dynamic change of the currency exchange rate, there is a need for the front desk management to change daily, the signage system provide the flexibility to the change

We found that the guests are more aware of the hotel’s restaurants and specials. It increases in food and beverage business significantly. It is a most cost effective and environmental friendly solution for Hotels