Digital Signage

Security and control

  1. Digital signage is a broadcasting system to target audience. Security is a prime concern to the image of corporation and the brand.
  2. Multiple authentication, encryption, compression and decoding are BASIC measures to ensure authenticity.
  3. Alert on contents posted by users, and alert on faulty players.
  4. Control on all the players by administrator(s) at head office. Web based for easy access at anywhere in the World.

Manage players and Displays

  1. Register players: Register your players with the system to publish content to the players.
  2. Manage player groups: Assign players to groups, to play specified content as scheduled. Group your players according to your marketing plan.
  3. Manage edge servers: Manage, save and move edge servers, and manage or batch dispatch images to each edge server.

Manage contents

  1. Create and upload media: Create online media or upload local media such as video, audio, text, Flash, and MS PowerPoint.
  2. Create playlists: A playlist contains media content that is scheduled for deployment. It combines multiple media together.
  3. Create spot list: A spot list contains media content can be added on top of scheduled playlists.
  4. Create Combo lists: A combo list contains multiple playlists, which can contain different layouts, settings and media content that are scheduled for deployment.
  5. Create template: A template defines the layout for content display. Select from built-in templates or create and save a custom template
  6. Create ticker: Create a ticker to display a scrolling or static line of text and online RSS feeds to remote player units

Publish schedule

  1. Create and manage publishing schedules.
  2. Centralized distribution of published materials.